• burnout strategies

    Strategies to combat burnout

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    Last week we discussed burnout, what causes it and the warning signs to watch out for in the workplace and in yourself. Today we diving into what you can do to avoid burning out. While the most pressing thought at the forefront of your mind might be to quit, there are less drastic things you can do to relieve some

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  • burnout

    How to spot the warning signs of burnout.

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    2020 has kicked off in Australia with fires, floods, climate change concerns and coronavirus outbreak all taking their toll on individuals and businesses. Where traditionally colleagues returned from the festive season feeling refreshed and revitalised, this year we are seeing our team members battling extreme stressors that carried through right across the new year and well into the first half

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  • Team

    Courageous Leadership: Are you prepared to trust your team?

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    We know trust is built with small, consistent actions and, whether you’ve noticed it or not, there’s a theme running through my articles this month. You see, there are two attitudes towards trust. Trust must be earned, and people need to prove themselves trustworthy, and/or, People will be trustworthy if you put your trust in them. The first attitude is

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  • Reputation

    Impact of trust on your company reputation

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    So far when we’ve talked about trust, we’ve looked at it from a personal point of view. But how does trust impact your company and its reputation? Previously we defined trust as “…choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.” How do we define reputation? Well, let’s say it’s the opinion we’ve built based

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  • leadership

    What breaks trust?

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    Last week we talked about Brené Brown’s seven elements of trust and her B.R.A.V.I.N.G. model. Today we are going to unpack the areas that most impact trust and how you can prevent these from happening in your workplace. Given the seven elements we explored last week, it’s a good assumption that breaking any one of those elements must have an

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  • blog_1

    Creating the foundations of trust

     “Trust is choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.” Charles Feltman   As leaders we can find ourselves taling alot about trust and how important it is but what do we actually know about trust? More importantly, what do we know about building trust? These questions were on my mind when I found

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  • linda murray workplace culture

    The 3 most important things you must do to lead a cultural change.

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    I think by now you understand that culture grows with and because of the people. You can’t impose a culture or tell your team what the culture should be. But how do you change a culture that’s toxic or no longer serving you? Last year I recorded a video for you, sharing some useful advice. You can watch it again

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  • linda murray toxic cultures

    Toxic cultures

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    It is often said that people don’t quit companies; they quit toxic workplace cultures. If you haven’t worked in one yourself, you’ve probably heard stories of what it’s like in a toxic culture. Nothing, not even a great salary, will keep someone in that environment. A toxic culture can kill a company. It stifles creativity and innovation. It kills motivation

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  • Who’s responsible for a great culture?

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    If you read my last post, you should have a clearer understanding of why it is important to your company success to pay attention to your workplace culture. Culture is a fluid. Shaped by the people and for the people, culture, if it’s driven from the top, will support the growth and success of the organisation both short and long

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  • linda murray company culture

    Is yours a company culture which attracts the right people?

    Does your team love coming to work?  Or are they only there because they need a paycheque? Research has shown that when people are happy at work, they perform better and produce better results. That means your company culture is a critical indicator of your potential outcomes. Yet despite its importance, not many companies spend time working it. (If you’re

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