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The professional development hub for high performing and high potential Leaders.

Athena Leadership Academy specialises in partnering with firms and organisations who understand that supporting their leaders with both the skills and mindset for success is not just important; it is essential.

Successful organisations depend on their leaders to make confident, autonomous and aligned decisions. It is a leader’s responsibility to facilitate the successful implementation of organisational strategies, whilst inspiring their team to perform on that journey. In order to do this effectively, leaders need to be emotionally intelligent, self-aware, agile and resilient.

At Athena Leadership Academy, one of the greatest challenges we see is inadequate attention and guidance being provided at that crucial step from Manager to Leader. This is not just a shift in job title, report lines and possibly salary. It requires a mindset shift; a new paradigm. Leadership comes from action and influence, not just a title.



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“Linda has been working with our team at TAL for a long time. She knows our business inside out and is a trusted and valued partner. Linda has supported us in many areas over the years, from 1:1 coaching, running our female talent program, and more recently running our graduate development. She is generous with her time, flexible, strategic and delivers fantastic bespoke services for us. I know if one of our initiatives is in Linda’s capable hands we will get nothing but the best, with measurable outcomes and improvements year on year.

Thank you Linda for the incredible and long term value you’ve brought to our team. I look forward to continuing our partnership and cherishing your energy, passion and enthusiasm – which is highly infectious!”

Jessica Osmond | HR Manager at TAL

What is a Tailored Leadership Development Program

Every organisation is unique. Every team is unique. Every leader is unique. Therefore, every Leadership Development Program needs to be unique in order to drive results.

Unlike conventional leadership training, Athena Leadership Academy offers Leadership Development solutions which are tailored specifically to the developmental needs of your people. We partner with you to ascertain what specific outcomes your firm requires. A tailored program is then designed to build Leaders who are confident and capable in their role, whilst driving optimal performance.

Athena Leadership Academy Programs adopt a blended learning approach, proven to maximise engagement, integration of the learnings and therefore drive commercial results. We consider all components from talent selection and targeting, topic selection, best practice learning methodologies, key success measurements, accountability and manager involvement, exceptional delivery and additional resources. The programs are both enjoyable for participants and drive long-term commercial results, long after the program is complete.

The programs focus on:

  • Education of leadership concepts through a series of customised workshop modules
  • Exposure through group coaching, plus social and peer based learning
  • Experience through the application of concepts and theories in day-to-day responsibilities

These award-winning programs commit to building self-awareness, leadership capability and the accountability required to make concepts stick. These solutions are perfect for mid to senior level Managers, often relatively new to the responsibility of leading other Managers. It is essential that this layer of the organisation is nurtured and developed to foster confident, resilient and high performing Leaders of the future.

Athena Leadership Academy Modules


Understanding what drives your own and others communication; our motivators, our fears and the value we add to organisations. Empathy is the key to mastering challenging conversations and building strong, productive relationships; both at work and at home.


Understanding how your mind and body function optimally together means more output, more energy, more engagement … in less time and with less stress.


Career Aspirations and Goal Setting made fun! Your future is up to you – the dreams you create, the thoughts you focus on and the strategic relationships you form.


What do you want to be known for? Ensuring every impression you leave is congruent, authentic and aligned with your future aspirations; both in person and online.


What sets great leaders apart? Empowering leaders are influential, productive and high performing. This requires strong leadership mindset and communication, as well as the ability to navigate the crucial step from Manager to Leader.


“It’s who you know, not what you know”. Building the right relationships to fast-track your achievements and your progress doesn’t happen by accident. Understand their aspirations, identify the key players on that journey and have a clear strategy for forming those valuable relationships.


Changes and challenges are part of daily life. Resilience and mental toughness looks at how we manage through stressful times and provides tools to thrive, not just survive.


Teams are dynamic, fluid and need constant attention and building to avoid behavioural traps and dysfunctions. It is essential to understand individual behavioural styles and develop effective communication, expectation setting, delegation and accountability to ensure teams thrive.


The power of a collaborative culture means people want to work effectively together so that individual ideas become collective intelligence. This is a safe environment of trust, discovery and communal problem solving; a place where even cross-business unit relationships and ideas flourish.

Check out what students have to say…

“I cannot speak highly enough of the “Unlock Your Potential” Program Linda designed for our legal firm and the impact it has had on our people and our Firm more broadly. Let me tell you, it is no easy feat to shift behaviours of Lawyers. Linda did an excellent job and really tailored it specifically to our people. She gave them a reason to learn and they were sad when the program came to an end!”

B. Macura, Head of People, Swaab Attorneys