• Three Key Trends for the Future of Learning

    A huge percentage of Australia’s workforce is currently “deskless”, working remotely or on the road, supported by both advancements in…

  • got to be cruel to be kind

    You’ve got to be clear to be kind …

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    I heard this old song recently and it stuck in my head. “You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind, in…

  • linda murray burnout strategies

    What you can do if an employee is burning out

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    With the extremely challenges we are facing in 2020 and the dire warnings and predictions thrown at us from the…

  • Know your value. Know your worth.

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    How much do you value yourself? 

    It’s a difficult question to answer, so let me ask you these questions instead…  

    Do you feel you’re being treated as well as you could be?  

    Is your life all that it could be?  

    Are you being taken-for-granted?  

    If you’re feeling like you’re not being treated as well as you could be, perhaps your sense of self-worth is at the heart of the issue. 

  • Overcoming group think

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    The term ‘Groupthink’ is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group,…

  • Creating a culture of trust

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    We’ve talked a lot about trust this month – how to gain trust, why you need it and how to keep it.

    The third element in building trust is relationships. By building relationships, we get to know and understand one another. Our work performance improves. So, how can your team help build relationships? Use these tips when building relationships with your team.

  • Do this before you implement new learning

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    I enjoy learning new things, but only when I feel I have time to do so. Before I try to learn something new, I check my schedule to make sure I have enough free time to devote to it.
    I believe most of us are like this; it’s easier to learn when we aren’t overworked and feeling stressed out by deadlines and time commitments.

    Training is a crucial part of empowering our teams, but we can mess it up if we don’t consider what else our people are supposed to get done at the same time.

    Do this before you implement new learning >>>

  • Building your strategic network

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    Building a network isn’t easy for everyone. Some struggle to know what to do or how to get started. We…

  • 3 habits that will hold you back from your success

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    Today I want to look at three specific habits you’ve probably learned over time and which have become set in…

  • 3 ways to help your team become future-proof

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    In the future, machines might replace some jobs, but not all and certainly not every part of every job. People…

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