• The power of vulnerability to build trust

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    You can’t be a leader if your people don’t trust you and the basis of trust is vulnerability. When you make yourself vulnerable, you feel exposed and open to being hurt or judged. Think about it this way…

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  • How Do You Make a Good Culture?

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    Culture is a living, breathing thing that binds you together. It’s great when it works but disastrous when it doesn’t.
    So how do you communicate a team culture or create one? Try these strategies >

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  • Creating Safe Cultures

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    As leader, it’s your job to create a culture of safety and it won’t happen by itself. Yes, your team members might get along well and trust each other, but if the trust stops when you step in, your team will never achieve what it’s capable of. Here’s why creating a culture of safety and trust is so important.>>

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  • How great cultures benefit you and your organisation

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    Does shaping a team culture seem like hard work to you? The benefits will outweigh all the effort you put in. Read on to find out what you can do to create a culture of happy workers >>

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  • What is team culture?

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    When my clients ask me about culture, I ask them to think about some of the groups they’ve been part of. Work groups, family groups, social groups, community groups and so on…Each one has a different feel to it and expects you to think and behave in certain ways. That is culture.It explains why you feel like you fit in with some teams better than others. You’re “on the same wavelength.” So, what is culture? Find out more>>

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] We’re changing some things around here in Athena Land!

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    This month we’ve been focusing on change, both in the blogs you’ve been reading AND within our business. Some of you might have noticed some gradual changes we’ve been making to the look and feel of Athena. It’s with great pride that I share these changes with you. Athena Coaching has evolved … a lot! When I started the business in

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  • Do this before you implement new learning

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    I enjoy learning new things, but only when I feel I have time to do so. Before I try to learn something new, I check my schedule to make sure I have enough free time to devote to it.
    I believe most of us are like this; it’s easier to learn when we aren’t overworked and feeling stressed out by deadlines and time commitments.

    Training is a crucial part of empowering our teams, but we can mess it up if we don’t consider what else our people are supposed to get done at the same time.

    Do this before you implement new learning >>>

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  • Three powerful strategies to lead your team through change

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    We know that you can’t try to force people to change by telling them, “this is the way we are going to do things now.” Your people are uncomfortable and maybe a bit worried, too.Here’s where the following three strategies come in handy.

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  • Stop-Start-Continue: A model for maintaining evolution

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    Today I’d love to share a technique I use which will help your business evolution go smoothly.While many of us recognise the value of change, the problem we have is deciding where to start. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “How will I know what needs to be changed? I use this model to answer that question.

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  • The value of evolution to you and your team

    One of the clear messages I hear from my clients is that their teams are reluctant to change. In my opinion, I think the “why” isn’t getting through to your teams, so in this week’s blog I look at how to present change from a different point of view >>>

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