• What I’ve learnt about building high performing teams

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    I’ve spoken a lot about high performance teams and how to create them. I’ve shared tips and research results and lots of advice. Today I want to go further and talk about the things I’ve learnt while I’ve worked with my clients and their organisations. Why? Because not everything I’ve learnt will show up in those research papers! Building high

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  • 7 Reasons to create autonomous teams and how to do it

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    The autonomous team – worth the effort or not? Over the years I’ve seen some autonomous teams succeed well and others fail dismally. The difference comes down to the way the teams were set up. Find out why autonomous teams can be great for an organisation and how to build them here>>

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  • Creating a culture of trust

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    We’ve talked a lot about trust this month – how to gain trust, why you need it and how to keep it.

    The third element in building trust is relationships. By building relationships, we get to know and understand one another. Our work performance improves. So, how can your team help build relationships? Use these tips when building relationships with your team.

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  • Listen, don’t convince.

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    Trust isn’t something which, once given, is never taken away. Trust is something you have to work for in order to keep. Listening to your people is the best way to show you care and you can be trusted. Here’s why >>

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  • Believing in humanity

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    Do you know what ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’ means? Don’t blame the one that delivers the message.This is something that occurs often in the workplace and as a leader you should have grown out of it. By expressing anger toward someone giving you a message you need to hear kills trust.You need to change your mindset because most people have the best intentions of what they are trying to do. Here’s how!

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  • The power of vulnerability to build trust

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    You can’t be a leader if your people don’t trust you and the basis of trust is vulnerability. When you make yourself vulnerable, you feel exposed and open to being hurt or judged. Think about it this way…

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  • How Do You Make a Good Culture?

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    Culture is a living, breathing thing that binds you together. It’s great when it works but disastrous when it doesn’t.
    So how do you communicate a team culture or create one? Try these strategies >

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  • Creating Safe Cultures

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    As leader, it’s your job to create a culture of safety and it won’t happen by itself. Yes, your team members might get along well and trust each other, but if the trust stops when you step in, your team will never achieve what it’s capable of. Here’s why creating a culture of safety and trust is so important.>>

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  • How great cultures benefit you and your organisation

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    Does shaping a team culture seem like hard work to you? The benefits will outweigh all the effort you put in. Read on to find out what you can do to create a culture of happy workers >>

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  • What is team culture?

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    When my clients ask me about culture, I ask them to think about some of the groups they’ve been part of. Work groups, family groups, social groups, community groups and so on…Each one has a different feel to it and expects you to think and behave in certain ways. That is culture.It explains why you feel like you fit in with some teams better than others. You’re “on the same wavelength.” So, what is culture? Find out more>>

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