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    Are you too comfortable?

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    Do you think success and excellence come from playing safe and staying within your comfort zone? Or is it achieved when we stretch our personal and professional boundaries; challenge our own limits? There’s a reason why athletes often have a pained expression on their face – they are pushing themselves beyond what feels comfortable in pursuit of improvement.

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    Discover your hidden potential and be amazed at what you are able to achieve

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    Peter Drucker believes “The best way to predict the future is to create it”  But that’s easier said than done, especially when you have reached a point where you are turning around in circles, face conflicting priorities, or don’t quite know where to start or which course of action will bring you closer to your goal. What you need is

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    Communication – The human connection your professional success depends on

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    “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place”.   George Bernard Shaw’s quote rings even more true today, considering the problems many organisations and businesses are faced with as a result of poor communication. Despite the ever-increasing technical tools that are thrown on the market to aid the exchange of information; despite making it

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  • Five mistakes impacting your small business

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    Building a business is exciting, highly motivating and can even be fun. But it also involves hard work and lots of strategic thinking, because on the way to success, there are many unexpected obstacles and pitfalls. The good news is that you can grow a successful business in any chosen field. The most important prerequisite is to ensure that your

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    Developing Leadership Capabilities

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    Your leadership capabilities could make all the difference in your professional achievements An unshared vision is a useless vision, at least once it pertains to the people in your organisation. Much has been said and written about the topic of leadership. Numerous studies have looked into the correlation between leadership skills and organisational performance and, not surprisingly, concluded that the

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  • Developing a success mindset

    Setting up your mindset for success

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    What would success look like for you, without the constant worry of not being good enough? As motivational speaker Les Brown reminds us, “Life has no limitations except the ones we create.” Choosing an attitude of excellence comes with setting high standards for your quality of work. However, once these expectations are consistently translated into the need to be perfect

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    Believe in you

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