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    Prioritising Between my Needs at Work and at Home

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    Finding work-life balance seems to be one of the hardest challenges for business leaders and executives, and dare I say it, those who are female in particular.  This is confirmed in the latest OECD report ‘How’s Life’ where Australia rated above average in all but one of the 11 life dimensions studied, all but work-life balance.  Why are women doing

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    What You Should Look for When Choosing a Coach

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    Now that you have determined you are in need of a coach, what should you look for? Thinking about what benefits a coach will provide to you and your business (greater insight, clearer direction, stronger accountability), you must ensure that their skill base covers this and more. Personal business experience Does your coach have the necessary business experience to do

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    Do you Need to Change your Career or your Attitude?

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    Do you ever find it’s an effort to get out of bed in the morning on a work day? You drag yourself through your morning routine, and you can feel your pace slowing the closer you get to the workplace. By the time you arrive at work you know you don’t want to be there. We’ve probably all felt like

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    The Importance of the Female Mind to the Leadership Role

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    We often talk about the differences between leaders and female leaders and as women we ought to be acknowledging and celebrating in our strengths and differences. We are who we are. But have you ever stopped to think why you are like you are? Recent studies surrounding the differences between the male and female mind are bringing to light very

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    One More Month to Reach your Financial Year Goals

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    It’s the 4th of June and you know what that means; you basically have one month (give or take) to reach those end of year financial goals. How are things looking at this point? Are you concerned about the fact you have a shortfall in your finances or happy in the knowledge that you have surpassed your financial goals? The end

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    When was the Last Time You Asked for Help?

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    One of the greatest misconceptions about managers is the unstated, yet widely believed myth, that as a manager, you are one of those rare, glorified beings that is perfect. You are superman or superwoman in a business suit, and all that is missing is your cape. You are all knowing and all powerful and there is no limit to your

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    How Do I Know if I Need a Coach?

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    If you’ve made it to the higher levels of your organisation, you may think that you don’t need coaching any more. As an executive you should know it all, right? Yet do you sometimes find yourself wondering why things didn’t go the way you thought they would? Or what if someone realised you don’t actually know as much as you

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    Is Your Business Prepared for the End of the Financial Year?

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    With only a couple of weeks left in this financial year, it’s time to start planning ahead. The best way to do that is to review the year you are just completing. • What went well and what didn’t? • What did you learn about yourself, your business and your systems? • What business practices do you need to change

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  • What is Holding Female Leaders Back?

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    What is holding female leaders back and how do we encourage them to step up? In recent posts we’ve been discussing women in leadership, their traits, image and strengths. It’s time to consider the other side of the equation; what challenges and barriers are preventing women from achieving their leadership goals?

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  • Linda Murray

    Raising a Business

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    It is not uncommon to hear the words “your baby” in connection with your business or career. As you’re handed a project or take on a new challenge, something you’re exceedingly passionate about and determined to make work, it is not difficult to see how the task can be likened to a baby; your baby.

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