Peak Performance – Are you performing at your best and loving it?

Peak Performance – Are you performing at your best and loving it?
December 16, 2014 Linda Murray

Athena Coaching, Linda MurrayBeing able to produce your best work, consistently, and to be able to lead others to consistently produce their best work to obtain your goals is known as peak performance. Learning how to achieve peak performance in a sustainable way is vital to your personal success and the success of your business.

Your Attitude is Showing

Obtaining peak performance requires a firm commitment to excellence, the ability to lead and inspire through personal integrity and trust, as well as the ability to reflect, plan and motivate one’s own self and others to achieve shared goals. At its root, the ability to achieve peak performance in yourself and others all comes down to your attitude and how you approach your work.

Commit to Success

We truly are our own best ally and worst enemy, rolled into one. If you feel as though you aren’t achieving your top performance consistently, your choices and your attitude might be your stumbling block.

If you want to ramp up your performance, you should first be honest with yourself and ask, “Have I made a decision, a firm commitment, to excellence and success?

Without that commitment, you are only giving your work a half-hearted effort, and this lack of ambition will show in your quality of your work. This attitude is contagious and eventually the work of everyone around you will be affected by your lack of ambition. If you want peak performance from others, you must first demand it of yourself.

Venture Beyond Your Boundaries

Once you make a firm commitment to your success, don’t become afraid of mistakes or failure. Push the envelope and constantly strive for new ways to improve your current processes and don’t wait for something to break before you try to fix it. Always be in a stage of planning, preparing and looking ahead.

Motivate Your People

Once you make the commitment to excel, and to constantly search for improvement, ask the same of your colleagues. Build trust by leading by example and give your people a stake in the results by seeking their input on goals and how those goals can be obtained.

Find Your Rhythm and Respect Your Body

No one is able to give their best effort when their body is pushed to the limit or is broken. It’s important to learn to recognise your own body’s limitations when it comes to energy and the need for rest and relaxation.

Take some time to learn the natural rhythm of your own body and schedule your work around your natural cycles. Most of us can only sustain our focus of attention for 90 minutes at most, so learn to break your tasks and work up into chunks that allow you to take frequent breaks to relax your body, mind and spirit. In this way, you are constantly replenishing your reserves of energy and creativity so that you are always fresh and able to give your best effort.

You can use this approach both on and off the clock. Ensure that you adopt healthy eating and sleeping habits as well as taking time to relax away from the duties of your work. Doing so allows you to keep your body, mind and spirit capable of running at peak performance.

Show Concern and Respect for Others

As you adopt a healthier lifestyle to support peak performance, be aware of the fact that your people also need such a lifestyle in order to be able to give their best each day. Be a good role model as well as provide assistance for others to feel free to adopt flexible scheduling and time off.

Doing so will enable everyone on your team to be able to provide their best performance each day and will ensure that you and everyone else in your organisation crosses the proverbial finish line of your goals healthy, energised and ready for the next challenge.

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