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Executive Coaching designed specifically for you

A customised approach to accelerate your success.

Athena Leadership Academy Executive Coaching Program

Your coaching journey with Athena Leadership Academy is an individually designed 6 or 12-month professional development program tailored specifically to you and your unique development needs.

Coaching, support and resources provided ensure you accomplish the specific goals you want to achieve … plus we’ll break down some redundant beliefs that are slowing your success.

When we work together we help you to stay accountable and move forward in your career with certainty and the confidence you need to create the career you absolutely love.

While completely tailored for your needs as we work together our Executive Coaching program includes;

  • Two extensive behavioural profiling tools including in-depth debriefs. These are powerful in raising your self-awareness.
  • Monthly Executive Coaching sessions in person, or video conference where we work through your specific development needs.
  • Monthly accountability check-ins to keep you on track.
  • Access to Linda at any time as you partner together in your success.
  • Supporting resources including articles, videos and worksheets.

Is Executive Coaching for you?

Athena Leadership Academy Executive Coaching is ideal for professionals who are keen to accelerate their career trajectory, become a more courageous and inspiring leader or are looking to transition into something new.

Our clients are high performing professionals (Senior Leaders, Executives, Directors) who understand that working hard and doing their job well is not enough.

These professionals generally have 15+years of career experience and want to ensure they will look back on their career with pride and a sense of accomplishment. They want more from themselves and want to lead their teams to achieve success.

When we work together we help you to stay accountable and move forward in your career with certainty and the confidence you need to create the career you absolutely love. 

Can you relate to any of these?

If you answer YES, then working with an executive coach is just what you need.

  • Everyone says I’m successful, but I know I could be doing better
  • I wish I had a sounding board who just ‘gets it’, who I could speak with openly and confidentially
  • How do I thrive through change, and lead my team to do the same?
  • I wish I was a more courageous Leader. How can I increase my self-confidence?
  • I know I should be paid more but I’m afraid that if I ask, my Manager might say “No”
  • I’m good at my job but for some reason, I’m not feeling fulfilled
  • Oh my goodness, I am terrified of an upcoming presentation!
  • I am afraid people will realise that I don’t actually know what I am doing
  • How am I meant to juggle work and life, yet not feel exhausted?
  • What’s next for me? I don’t want to make the wrong career move

What our client’s say…

Our sessions were energising, honest, fun and engaging. It has been invaluable.
Linda has been a wonderful coach to me over the last 6 months. Our sessions, plus tools, frameworks and thought provoking discussions helped me to understand and articulate my strengths and experience, what is important to me in my next role and gave me direction and the confidence to pursue it. Linda helped me to believe in myself and that my “role” was out there, it was just a matter of finding it. She was an excellent sounding board, listener, advice provider and cheerleader over this pivotal time in my career and am in a much better position and positive about the future than I otherwise would have been. THANK YOU Linda! – Kristen McLoughlin
I was somewhat reluctant to commence coaching as I felt I needed to focus on improving the depth and breadth of my technical skills to be taken seriously in my ‘acting’ role. Linda showed me how to value and build on my existing strengths, how to tackle some areas that were not serving me, and how to build my credibility and brand as a leader.
As a consequence of working with Linda I am more comfortable and confident in managing my time, work life balance, and delivering on our goals. – Margaret Makeham-Kirchner, Managing Director

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