Career Clarity

Do you feel a bit flat at work?
or are you unsure and stuck about the “what next” in your career?

The good news is that you’re not alone!

Over the last decade I have worked with thousands of executives and leaders just like you.

The Athena Leadership Academy Career Clarity online program is the exact process I take my one-on-one coaching clients through to help them become more successful in their careers.

The Career Clarity online program can be used at any stage of your career where you are looking to make some decisions and take action around ‘what’s next’ in your professional life.

Career Clarity is for you if…

  • You feel the need to step up but you feel afraid or unsure about the next right steps.
  • You need help to define what it is you want from your career
  • You want to feel confident in your decision on the next step in your career
  • You are committed to making a difference to your career and the world in which you play in
  • You would like to be part of a supportive community with like minded professionals

you can expect

After completing the Career Clarity Online Program, you can expect to:

  • Have you career design so you can;
  • Feel confident in the next step/s to take
  • Increase the possibility of your earning power
  • Stop feeling unsure of your future
  • Have an in depth understanding of what makes you happy
  • Take action and reach your own success

Career Clarity Plus+ Access and Guarantee

When you join the Athena Leadership Academy Career Clarity Plus online program, you gain access to all content for the entire lifetime of the program PLUS you gain access to premium reports, coaching and additional resources we continue to build on. We are here to support you in your career for years to come! Plus, if within the first month, you find the program isn’t a  great fit for you, just let us know, share your completed worksheets and we’ll refund your payment.