Transforming Organisations
One Leader at a Time.

Through tailored development programs and inspired individuals organisations can be transformed. Our focus is to encourage and challenge Leaders to reach their highest potential. We do this through individual Executive Coaching, Leadership Development programs, Workshops and Keynote Speaking.

Using a range of award-winning methodologies, service offerings and depth of experience, we know exactly how to identify and bring out the best in you and your people. Athena Leadership Academy helps leaders to achieve three core goals:




Athena Leadership Academy is here to guide you or your team to actively leverage the unique strengths and talents you hold, whilst effectively managing and overcoming the behaviours which have previously held you back.

  • Are you a strong and influential leader?
  • Are you owning your seat at the table?
  • Are you and your team performing at your peak, and doing so in a sustainable way?
  • Are you and your team performing at your peak, and doing so in a sustainable way?
  • Are you clear on what skills and knowledge you require to take on your next career challenge?

We support you to answer “YES!” to these critical success factors.

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      Communication – The human connection your professional success depends on

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      Five mistakes impacting your small business

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      Developing Leadership Capabilities

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      Your leadership capabilities could make all the difference in your professional achievements An unshared vision is a useless vision, at…

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    • May102013
      Developing a success mindset

      Setting up your mindset for success

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      What would success look like for you, without the constant worry of not being good enough? As motivational speaker Les…

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