Transforming Organisations
One Leader at a Time.

Through tailored development programs and inspired individuals organisations can be transformed. Our focus is to encourage and challenge Leaders to reach their highest potential. We do this through individual Executive Coaching, Leadership Development programs, Workshops and Keynote Speaking.

Using a range of award-winning methodologies, service offerings and depth of experience, Linda Murray knows exactly how to identify and bring out the best in yourself or your people and achieve three core goals:




Athena Coaching and Athena Leadership Academy are here to guide you or your team to actively leverage the unique strengths and talents you hold, whilst effectively managing and overcoming the behaviours which have previously held you back.

  • Are you clear on what skills and knowledge you require to take on your next career challenge?
  • Are you a strong and influential leader?
  • Are you and your team performing at your peak, and doing so in a sustainable way?
  • Are you confident in yourself, and in your ability to create a career you will be proud to look back on?

Athena Coaching supports you to answer “YES!”.

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Athena Insights

  • Mar262019

    [ANNOUNCEMENT] We’re changing some things around here in Athena Land!

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    This month we’ve been focusing on change, both in the blogs you’ve been reading AND within our business. Some of…

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  • Mar192019

    Three powerful strategies to lead your team through change

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    We know that you can’t try to force people to change by telling them, “this is the way we are going to do things now.” Your people are uncomfortable and maybe a bit worried, too.Here’s where the following three strategies come in handy.

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  • Mar122019

    Stop-Start-Continue: A model for maintaining evolution

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    Today I’d love to share a technique I use which will help your business evolution go smoothly.While many of us recognise the value of change, the problem we have is deciding where to start. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “How will I know what needs to be changed? I use this model to answer that question.

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  • Mar052019

    The value of evolution to you and your team

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    One of the clear messages I hear from my clients is that their teams are reluctant to change. In my opinion, I think the “why” isn’t getting through to your teams, so in this week’s blog I look at how to present change from a different point of view >>>

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