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    So, You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

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      I just found out last week that I was (anonymously) nominated in the NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards as Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. I have been at this whole “entrepreneur” thing since I was 22 years old, but to tell you the truth, I am always still pleasantly surprised when such recognition and honor come my way. It

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    Joy Jar

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    Create a “Joy Jar” for 2014! Every time something great happens, write a little note and place it in the jar. This could be: a win at work a powerful conversation a compliment a LOL (laugh out loud) moment a beautiful experience whatever lights up your day Fill  the jar throughout the year, then open it on 31st December and

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    Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

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    The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is a wonderful initiative essentially created to foster taxpayers. South Africa’s population is 52 million, however only 9 million are taxpayers. The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship was created to encourage and support budding entrepreneurs to success, therefore becoming the future taxpayers and employers of South Africa. It runs a number of programs each year which

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    Mandela’s legacy

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      What a privilege to have been in Johannesburg the week of Mandela’s passing. What an incredible man who stood for what be believed in, no matter how great the consequences. He was determined to build a better nation, a safer, more equitable home for his people. Even after 27 years punishment for his beliefs, he still embodied a humble

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    You said what?!?

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    Have you ever been in a situation where you need to have a difficult conversation and you’re just not sure how best to tackle it? We all have! The mistake people often make is going into such a conversation with the need to be right. Trying to convince someone that you are right often does 2 things … they feel

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  • Tips for saving time with your technology

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    Life continues to get faster ever day. We are so reliant on technology to increase our efficiency and productivity. But did you know you could be saving even more time on the devices you use everyday? Check out this awesome 5 minute video where David Pogue gives some great tips on how to save time with your technology

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    Who’s in your strategic support network?

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    Strategic support networks are all about who you have around you and how can they help accelerate your success. Women build relationships incredibly well. Lets start leveraging this skill! Who are your distribution sources? By that I mean, who are your professional raving fans?

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    Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

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    Carol Dweck is a professor at Stanford University and author of the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”. Carol has studied why some people reach their full potential while other people who are just as talented don’t. She talks about the difference between having a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. She says “A fixed mindset is when people

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    Knowing when and how to say “no”

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    Are you always trying to be nice to others at the expense of yourself? Not knowing when to say “no” creates a dilemma that’s hard to get out of. Your time is already limited and you are spending more and more on other people’s priorities and less and less on your own. You are working harder and faster and yet,

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    Pricing your services with confidence

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    One of the common challenges I hear from service-based business owners is the challenge of pricing their own time or service. This is particularly the case if you are your product. In other words, people are buying something that’s non-tangible – your smarts, your ideas, your creativity. Here are some steps to help you value and better price your time. After all,

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