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If you’re ready to develop your leadership skills, get a promotion or ready to change your career path, then the Athena Coaching whitepapers are a great start to help you gain clarity and start your path for success.


Peak Performance

Today’s life is full of challenges, and expectations are high when it comes to performance, not only in business but also in social life.

Download this free whitepaper and learn how to reach your peak performance.

Gain knowledge and strategies to:

• Do more and do it better
• Create the environment and make it happen
• Rewire your brain
• Maximise and refill your batteries


 Curse of Capability

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt off track?

You might have even been experiencing great success and everyone around you was complimentary of your achievements … but something was missing for you.

If you are not utilising your skills to their full potential, and are not jumping out of bed each day and enthusiastically bounding into the office, you may be experiencing “The Curse of Capability”.

Find out now if you have the curse and download this free whitepaper now.


The Stiletto Approach – What Winning Women Do

A new age of leadership is approaching and it is time for women (and men) to take advantage of this development. Download this free whitepaper and learn about what successful women do to achieve success.

Gain insight, knowledge, and strategies to:

  • Use your power of clear communication
  •  Know when and how to say no
  • Achieve success
  • Tips to plan and focus

The Little Book of Leadership Top Ups

A position of leadership is an honour. It is an honour because it is earned. It is like trust and respect. Trust and respect are earned over time when you consistently display admirable behaviours, which deem you worthy of trust and respect. The same applies to a leader who people want to follow.

In this interactive and editable eBook, I cover 10 different strategies you can immediately implement and use. Be sure to read this eBook online and use the additional links I provide to become and be the leader everyone wants to follow.

Are you ready to step up and be a leader people want to follow?

Profiling tools

Identify your strengths

Understanding your character strengths is the key to knowing how special and capable you really are.

Take the survey

Are you in the right role?

What job would make you happiest? Find a career that fulfills you.

Learn more

The Energy Audit

Success is virtually impossible without knowing how to manage your energy.

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Your personality profile

Discover what drives you using the DISC Profiling Tool with this free 15 minute assessment.

Start your profile

How much ‘grit’ do you have?

Take this quick test to gauge your level of determination, tenacity and ability to cope with pressure.

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Saboteur Assessment

Discover what is getting in your way and holding you back from achieving everything you want.

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